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【Ph.D. student】

【Master student】

【Visiting student】

  • Yanyan Zou (from SUTD of Singapore)

  • Shaoxiong Feng (Beijing Institute Of Technology)

【Undergraduate student】

  • Lei Li (李磊) (Published a paper on ACL)

  • Fenglin Liu (刘峰林) (Published a paper on EMNLP)

  • Liangchen Luo (骆梁宸) (Published 3 papers on AAAI,EMNLP and ICLR)

  • Chen Wu​ (吴 尘) (Published a paper on ACL)

  • Zhihan Zhang​ (张智涵) (Published a paper on ACL)

【Recently graduated student】

  • Shuming Ma(马树铭) (Microsoft Research Asia)

  • Junyang Lin (林俊旸) (Alibaba DAMO Academy)

  • Bingzhen Wei (位冰镇) (Byte Dance)

  • Liangchen Luo (骆粱宸) (Google AI (Mountain View))

  • Shunyao Li (黎舜尧) (CMU)

  • Xinrui He (贺心蕊) (CMU)

  • Qi Zeng (曾琪)(UIUC)

  • Hangfeng He (何杭峰)(UPenn)
[Notice] The laboratory recruits highly-self-motivated undergraduate intern students and visiting graduate students in natural language processing and deep learning. Please e-mail the teacher and attach your resume.

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